Illegal Counterfeit Refrigerant Articles

EFCTC – European Fluorocarbon Technical Committee

“Illegal and counterfeit refrigerant imports increasing year on year”


“It’s estimated that only 10% of illegal imports into Europe and the UK are intercepted by authorities”


“The continued use of these illegal imported refrigerants by unscrupulous contractors is a very serious problem. Not only do they damage the environment and atmosphere, but they are an extreme danger to life and property.”

Graeme Fox – Head of REFCOM



Articles (external links)

21st July 2020 – “R134a” Seized in the UK was flammable

3rd July 2020 – Customs seize 14 tonnes of illegal HFC in Rotterdam

18th June 2020 – Greek police seize 3.5 tonnes of illegal refrigerant

14th May 2020 – Bulgarians seize 500kg of illegal refrigerant

1st Mar 2020 – EFCTC calls for further checks to combat illegal trade

18th Feb 2020 – EFCTC welcomes action on illegal F-gas trade

14th Oct 2019 – Industry group calls for action on illegal refrigerants

16th Sep 2019 – EFCTC steps up action against illegal refrigerants

12th Jun 2019 – EFCTC looks to stem carriage of illegal refrigerant

15th Jan 2015 – 1300 tonnes of illegal refrigerants blocked in France