BMW has just announced a Voucher Scheme to reimburse customers affected by the poor stability of the AOS portal between Tuesday 15th September and Tuesday 29th September.
See below the Message Directly from BMW.

No Action is required, This is simply Information on how you will be reimbursed.

Dear AOS users,

we thank you for your understanding during the stability issues between 15.09. and 29.09. We have improved the performance in a way that you can use the AOS Portal again with the performance you expect from us. We will be monitoring the performance of the AOS portal.

We have made the decision to assign vouchers to the affected users. You will receive vouchers based on your usage in the affected timespan:

  • If you have booked at least three (3) 1-Hour tickets during 15.09 – 29.09, you will receive three (3) 1-Hour ticket vouchers.
  • If you have booked at least one 1-Day or 1-Week ticket during 15.09 – 29.09, you will receive one (1) 1-Day ticket voucher.
  • If you had an active Month or Year ticket during 15.09 – 29.09, you will receive two (2) 1-Day ticket vouchers.

In case multiple variants apply to you, the higher category was chosen. The vouchers have already been added to your account. The vouchers will automatically be used during the purchase of a ticket. The vouchers cannot be refunded.

Thank you for your loyalty,
– Your AOS Support Team