Dealer Tool Support from the Maverick Help Desk

Dealer Tool Support from the Maverick Help Desk is a technical support service whose primary aim is to ensure workshops get the best possible return on investment from their OEM or dealer diagnostic tools and equipment. As a rule, vehicle workshops worldwide are not IT experts or laptop repairers; they are there to repair vehicles and make money from repairing vehicles. As technology has advanced, aftermarket diagnostic tools have started to fall out of favour; dealer diagnostic tools need a level of support far above that of an aftermarket tool. Software on dealer diagnostic tools is constantly evolving; manufacturers add new chassis numbers and software modules daily. Many systems need to be updated at least once a month. These updates and downloads can take up to 8 hours to complete, causing unproductive downtime for workshops.

Maverick Help Desk offers proactive support; when a vehicle manufacturer software update is announced, the Maverick Help Desk team will contact your workshop immediately and inform you that they will update your dealer diagnostic tool remotely (as long as it is switched on and connected to the Internet). It is also essential to know that many modern diagnostic tools stop working if not updated to the latest version.

We provide this service to ensure that you are able to maintain a professional level of service in your workshop consistently. You never want to face this worst-case scenario, which I’m sure many workshops are familiar with; a new customers vehicle arrives in your workshop, they may have been recommended to you, and they need their vehicle fixed ASAP, so you get your diagnostic tool out of the cupboard (that you haven’t updated) and it doesn’t work, because the software is far too out of date or some other issue has occurred, losing you the job and potentially losing you the new customer to another workshop. This scenario simply wouldn’t happen with proactive Dealer Tool Support from the Maverick Help Desk.

In order for your workshop to get the best return on investment possible, speak to one of our advisers. Our contracts start from as little as £95 per month per manufacturer.



Dealer-Specific Training

Our Maverick Help Desk team also offer online training and a basic introduction to specific manufacturers’ dealer diagnostic tools by brand. This training is included when you purchase any dealer diagnostic tool from Maverick Diagnostics. We offer software updating for dealer diagnostic tools to non-contracted customers for £120 per hour.

For more comprehensive dealer-specific training, check out our sister company, the Automotive Training Academy.



Vehicle Technical Support (VTS)

We also offer full Vehicle Technical Support for all car makes and models (going back many years). This service is not just for Maverick Help Desk customers but for all workshops across Europe. VTS gives you access to a database of 1.3 million known fixes, which can be accessed and searched quickly from the workshop as you work (search by fault code, model, fault description, make etc.). Each fix provides you with an entire technical bulletin with clear instructions for the repair. If this doesn’t give you an answer, you have over 70 skilled technicians available to you – our VTS service allows a workshop to raise a ticket and only once a fix on that vehicle has been achieved and verified will the ticket be closed.

The VTS service is available on trial to all MHD users; on the trial, we will offer you one ticket to use over one week. A member of our team will be in contact once your trial is over.



Maverick Diagnostics’ Philosophy

Maverick Diagnostics’ philosophy has always been to help customers with diagnostics problems, including their IT, laptop and PC issues. If a workshop has a decent and up-to-date PC or laptop that needs upgrading, we can make recommendations or upgrade hard drives, add more RAM and install a new operating system. It is often worth talking to us before purchasing a brand-new laptop. We offer part exchanges on many of these laptops as they go to charities worldwide.

Maverick Diagnostics also offers IT consultancy services. This is a free service, and it’s simply having a chat about the IT infrastructure in your building and what upgrades could be of value in the future, essentially as technology moves on and updating vehicles becomes more and more essential.



Time is money. You fix the cars; We do the IT.

So, come and join the hundreds of happy, profitable and professional workshops worldwide, both large and small, corporate and one-man bands, using the Maverick Help Desk and Vehicle Technical Support services every day.

For advice and more information on our support packages call us on 01978594002.