Autel MaxiSYS MS919

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The brand new Autel MaxiSYS MS919 shares the same software and multi-purpose VCMI as the Ultra but without the docking station and with a smaller screen and memory. Despite this, the MS919 offers great value for money, as it retains all the software and VCMI features of the Ultra.

The MS919 combines diagnostics, service, extensive live data, channel coding, and ECU reflashing. The MaxiFLASH VCMI with a built-in oscilloscope, multimeter, signal generator, and OBD Bus Check Functions connects to the Ultra using WiFi, greatly increasing communication speeds. The all-new VCMI also has Enhanced Protocol Compatibility and supports D-PDU, RP1210, CANFD, J2534, and DoIP protocols.


The MS919 also boasts new specialist software capabilities, such as Repair Assist, DTC Analysis, Topology Mapping, and Relevant Cases.

Oscilloscope – The 4 Channel Oscilloscope is faster with 20MHz Bandwidth, more accurate with 80MS/s sampling data rate, and a 32M memory buffer that stores more complex signals, zoom and replay. The pre-set Guided Test and Waveform Library provide instruction on use and fault analysis. A large number of cloud preset cases are provided, including connection diagrams, waveform library, reference waveforms, fault case analysis, and one-press waveform settings.

Waveform Generator – The Waveform Generator is used to test a sensor, an actuator, or an ECU without the need to replace them one by one to identify the fault. This is done by simulating signals of various sensors and ECUs, identifying hardware issues.

Multimeter – The professional Multimeter measures Voltage, Current, Resistance, Diode, Frequency/Period, Duty Cycle, Connectivity, and Pulse Width.

CAN Bus Check – The CAN Bus Check quickly determines whether the OBD pins are functioning correctly.

J2534, DoIP Bus, CAN-FD Bus, RP1210, and D-PDU – The Autel VCMI supplied with the Ultra and MS919 supports all the latest communication and application programming interface protocols.

System Topology – The Autel exclusive System Topology Software shows a color-coded topology display for all vehicle systems and their status on one page. This display illustrates the structure of communication between modules and provides access to any DTCs by clicking on a system module. Currently available for BMW, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, GM, Chrysler, Nissan, Honda, Toyota Lexus, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Kia, and Volvo.

Repair Assistant – The Repair Assist Software displays a list of recommended tests with their completion status and priority level. Simply put, the higher the priority, the sooner the components should be tested. Prioritisation is automatically sorted to provide the best solution path. Guided Maintenance provides a troubleshooting process that guides the user to solve maintenance problems in a logical order. Accurate recommendation automatically matches the required circuit diagram and pin position for the fault. In cases with multiple inspection steps, you can carry out the inspection step by step or skip unnecessary steps. Currently available for BMW, JLR, GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Porsche.

Relevant Cases – The software automatically recommends repair processes that may be relevant to the vehicle and fault. These repair cases/suggestions provide the technician with great insight when diagnosing and repairing vehicle faults. Tech Services Bulletins show official announcements issued by vehicle manufacturers regarding common problems, including vehicle modules, DTCs, repair methods, program updates, and recall strategies. Currently available for Ford, GM, FCA, Toyota, Lexus, VW, Nissan, Honda, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Hyundai, and Kia.

DTC Analysis – The DTC Analysis describes possible causes and solutions for vehicle faults. Currently available for GM, Ford, Toyota


  • Operating System: Android 7
  • Processor: Samsung Exynos 8895, 8 core
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Touch-screen: 9.7″ 2048×1536
  • Battery: 15,000mAh

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