8m Cables & Clamps for GYSFLASH Battery Support Units

£149.10 ex. VAT


Resistant and durable cables and clamps designed for the GYSFLASH Battery Support Unit.
This product is suitable for workshop use and can also be used at home. Making charging easier. When extra length is required, we provide 8 metre cables to replace the 2.5 metre cables.


  • GYSFLASH 32.12PL
  • GYSFLASH 102.12HF
  • GYSFLASH 123.12CNT
  • GYSFLASH 103.24CNT
  • GYSFLASH 30.12/30.24HF
  • GYSFLASH 50.12/50.12 FV/50.24HF
  • GYSFLASH 100.12HF/101.12CNT/121.12CNTFV

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