GYSFLASH 121.12 CNT FV (120A) with 5m Cables

£1,078.00 ex. VAT


The GYSFLASH 121.12 CNT FV is a high-power charger. It functions to keep a 12 V lead or lithium battery at a stabilised voltage whilst diagnostics are being carried out. It can deliver the recommended charging cycle for the maintenance of the most advanced vehicles available. It is also customizable due to its USB connectivity. The product is multi-functional. A few of its functions include:

  • Charging: for 12 V Lead or Lithium (LFP) batteries from 5 to 1500 Ah (very flexible!)
  • Diagnostics: supports up to 120 A for 12 V batteries in vehicles in the diagnostic phase, in maintenance workshops.
  • Showroom: provides power compensation when using the electrical accessories of a demonstration vehicle. It also manages the optimal charging of the battery.
  • Tester: You can test the battery voltage and assess the starting system (starter + battery) as well as the condition of the vehicle’s alternator.


  • Flexible Voltage, the charger works with a supply voltage between 85 and 265 V
  • Locking to increase security
  • Up to 11 charging profiles available, including the Easy profile for simplified charging, which is suitable for all lead batteries
  • Cable inspection and calibration
  • Auto-Detect function which automatically starts a charge when a battery is connected to the charger
  • Auto-Restart function to save data in the event of a power failure

The GYSFLASH 121.12 HF is just one of the many GYSFLASH PRO range

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