Parking Sensor Tester (TDB008)

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This Parking Sensor Tester tool provides an indication of the output signals of parking sensors using ultrasonic sensors on a variety of vehicles. Thanks to the TDB008 and its extended pick lead, only one person is required to operate the vehicle and test the sensors. This product allows for safe and convenient testing in the workshop and can help technicians to save on time. The ‘Quick Test’ function allows you to check all the sensors together and compare results so you can be confident they’re working as they should be.


  • LCD screen which shows the signal as a pulse or an average value in a graph/bar chart/waveform
  • The internal wide frequency range microphone covers the average ultrasonic automotive range of 34.8kHz – 68kHz
  • Displays the operating frequency of the ultrasonic sensor alongside its signal strength
  • Runs on 4 AAA cells
  • Runs for 20 hours minimum when fully charged
  • Battery indicator and power off button