Transponder Antenna Tester (TDB006)

£75.00 ex. VAT


The TDB006 Transporter Antenna Tester has been designed to offer a fast and easy way of checking the transponder antenna across all vehicles systems and types. The TDB006 can be used stand alone and can pick up the signal that is transmitted from the vehicle to the transponder key, and thus checking the functionality of the antenna and vehicle immobilizer signal output.


  • The Transponder Antenna Tester features signal indication by way of a visual LED and also a sounder which mimics the signal being sent.
  • Auto power off and power indicator.
  • An external antenna wand, which has been designed to slide into the vehicles fitted with card readers and slot keys such as Renault and BMW. The wand can slide into the key slot alongside the vehicle key and pick up the transponder signal being transmitted.
  • Renault Card readers are particularly prone to failure and dealer equipment is the only way to check the card reader is working. The Transponder Antenna Tester can be used to quickly diagnose those elusive problems.

What’s In The Box

  • Transponder Antenna
  • External Antenna Wand

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