Volvo Dongle (TDB750)

£125.00 ex. VAT


This product is designed for quick, simple and reliable Key Programming on Volvo vehicles. Key programming on Volvo vehicles can take anywhere between 30 minutes and 5 hours to complete (depending on the system and vehicle model). Waiting this long isn’t ideal if the vehicle is with the customer and not at the workshop. Luckily, this Security Dongle enables you to obtain the required security without connecting your equipment to the car.


You can connect the TDB750 to the vehicle and program other vehicles at the same time using the TDB1000 Key Programming tool. This means you can increase your productivity and get more jobs done.


  • OBD connection for interface to TDB1000 ASSET Key Programming System
  • RED and GREEN LED indicators on both sides
  • Memory feature (remembers the last vehicle security information)
  • Enables device to be left connected to vehicle
  • No need to leave TDB1000 ASSET Key Programming System connected
  • Fully CE approved

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