Bosch ESI 1 Year Master Package (UK Only)

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This is a one-year package for Bosch ES1, designed for usage with Bosch KTS products. It provides you with diagnostic information on passenger car, van, and truck systems. Increase your productivity with this package and quickly access the information you need on diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance. With this package, you can ensure the accurate diagnosis of vehicle faults and guarantee effective fault correction. Boost customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty with quick, successful repairs. The text search tool helps you to save time; you can search for symptoms, error codes, and more. Get the job done. Vehicle coverage is continuously extended via online updates.


  • B Flat-rate units
  • World’s most extensive cross-manufacturer combination of SIS troubleshooting instructions and control unit diagnosis.
  • For engine management systems for gasoline, diesel, and passenger car brake systems – for Bosch and other manufacturers.
  • Troubleshooting instructions suited to workshops can be applied on any PC, can be linked to optimize vehicle diagnosis with Bosch test equipment.
  • Modular concept suitable for individual workshop requirements.
  • Repair instructions generated by the experienced.
  • Bosch authoring team and validated through the expertise of the worldwide.
  • Bosch diagnostic community. Already now, 500.000 real-life use cases/ vehicle combinations – and the database is growing day by day!
  • EBR provides you with the latest content due to the required online connection.
  • Wheel alignment data and inflation pressure tables.
  • Removal and installation instructions for toothed belts.
  • Convenient circuit diagrams for motor vehicles.
  • Cross-manufacturer circuit diagrams for motor-vehicle electrical systems and comfort and convenience electrics represented in a standardized format.
  • 866,000 circuit diagram assignments and 24,000 complete circuit diagrams.
  • With zoom and printout functions.
  • Truck Diagnosis, maintenance plans, and information for trucks, trailers, buses and vans.
  • When servicing and repair are required, the workshop has all the key data it needs at its disposal.