Ford FDRS/IDS Subscription (12 Months)

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Ford IDS licence is a twelve month licence paid upfront allowing access to Ford diagnostic network. This gives the ability to update software, add keys, adaptation like EGR or injector when parts are replaced. Ford FDRS/IDS Subscription licence will not allow full security related re-programming without a product key/token for the specific models from Ford, which has to purchased separately when required.


This is a twelve-month licence for a Ford FDRS/IDS Subscription. The subscription will give you full access to the IDS and FDRS Software. This allows the ECU software to be updated, and also enables reading of DTCs and adaptions of EGR. However, you’ll require a product key/token for the specific Ford models in order to enable full security associated reprogramming.


PLEASE NOTE: Ford have now updated their policy. Licences can now take up to 1 week to issue. This means that Licence codes time out after 48 hours if not used. Once purchased, the code will be sent via E-mail. If you need any help with entering the licence code, don’t hesitate to call our team. They can support you remotely via a teamviewer connection.
Ensure that you have the latest software installed before you activate the license.

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