Bartec DPF100 Tester

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The first dedicated tester to check for the minute particles which should be collected by a fully functioning DPF. The tool is much more sensitive than existing smoke meters and can easily identify a faulty or compromised DPF at idle in 30 seconds or less.


Can be operated in stand alone mode to give GOOD/MARGINAL/POOR result using the built in LEDs or with an Android tablet providing comprehensive graphical indication of DPF performance during the test. Individual tests can be logged and printed along with relevant vehicle details when used with the tablet.

Measurement Unit Technical Specification

  • Operating Principle Measurement of PM using light scattering
  • Current consumption 4A at 12V DC maximum. Average current is largely determined by ambient temperature
  • Particle size range 0.30μm to >10μm. Sensitivity is reduced by 50% at 0. 30μm
  • Sensor life Approximately 1500+tests. Sensor life is dependent on cumulative exposure
  • User controls START button

Overall Technical Specification

  • Dimensions 520mm H x 650mm W x 280mm D (including sample hose). Stand footprint 270mm x 270mm.
  • Weight 8.13 Kilos.
  • Stand height adjustment 150mm – 450mm.
  • Sample hose 500mm long x 30mm diameter J20 R3 rubber. 500mm extension with coupler.
  • Ambient operating temperature 0° C – 40° C.

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