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  • Crash record clearing of RCM2 via CAN bus, supports all cars. (Exception – 1512876-00-E, which is found in cars at the end of 2022 and has no CAN interface to work with the crash)
  • Diagnostics of pyroelectric element resistance on RCM2, DTC operation, analysis of sensor status
  • Reading/analysis/clearing DTC on SDM and RCM1 units
  • Crash record clearing for VCFRONT Gen3\4 (AMD MS\MX\M3\MY)
  • Key learning (if all keys have been lost) via CAN on M3\MY
  • Ability to generate VCSEC certificates to install them on another vehicle
  • Activation of MOSFET in Lion 16v battery (AMD MS\MX\M3\MY). Works provided that the battery has not fallen into an Unrecoverable state.
  • Fixed Online Functions on 2023.6.8
  • Fixed the issue with reading CAN Live on MX
  • Improved the work of the ‘Unlock Port’ function (on the latest firmware GW constantly rebooted when the ports were open)
  • Added a BCCEN firmware downgrade function to work with MX keys on the latest software versions
  • Slightly changed the work of the Secured plugin, now the country can be entered as any, also fixed the birthday analysis
  • The manual button now leads to the manual

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