GYSFLASH Shelf for HF Series

Gys flash wall mounted shelf for models 30,50,100

£68.67 ex. VAT


This GYSFLASH wall mounted shelf is specifically designed for models 30, 50 and 100. The slim and lightweight yet impressively robust and sturdy accessory is specifically designed to enable you to securely and safely store all of your GYSFLASH models.


  • GYSFLASH 32.12PL
  • GYSFLASH 102.12HF
  • GYSFLASH 123.12CNT
  • GYSFLASH 103.24CNT
  • GYSFLASH 30.12/30.24HF
  • GYSFLASH 50.12/50.12 FV/50.24HF
  • GYSFLASH 100.12HF/101.12CNT/121.12CNTFV

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