Volvo Proximity Dongle (TDB760)

£175.00 ex. VAT


The TDB760 Volvo Security Dongle has been designed to make programming Volvo proximity slot key cars easily.


  • OBD connection to interface with TDB1000 ASSET Key Programming System. If you don’t have the TDB1000, you can purchase it here. You will also need the Volvo software installed on the TDB1000 which can be added to the TDB1000 upon purchase or purchased seperately here.
  • Clear red and green LED indicators for KVM and CEM
  • Memory feature to remember the last vehicle security information
  • Enables device to be left connected to vehicle
  • No need to leave TDB1000 ASSET Key Programming System connected
  • Fully CE approved


1. Ensure you have your TDB1000 with Volvo software.
2. Press the vehicle’s start button to wake up the CAN BUS.
3. Locate the OBD port.
4. Connect the TDB760 to the vehicle’s OBD port.
5. The TDB760 will now access the security system and flash green and red. You can now leave the TDB760 working and come back later. No need to leave your key programmer connected.
6. The TDB760 will continue to work until it has found the required security. This can take betwee 5 and 20 hours for both the KVM and CEM. Check the light is green on both top and bottom.
7. Now connect the TDB1000 A.S.S.E.T Key Programmer.
8. Select the required vehicle, model and year and procced to program the new or spare keys. The TDB1000 will obtain the codes from the TDB760 dongle.

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