BMW ICOM Next A, BMW Key Reader & Panasonic CF-54 Laptop Bundle

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Genuine ICOM NEXT A Interface Single Interface is the replacement of BMW ICOM A2. BMW ICOM NEXT A+B support diagnostic & programming function for cars BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce BMW-Model. Includes 100% original BMW key reader.

Complete with Grade A, as new Panasonic CF-54 rugged laptop.

Genuine ICOM NEXT A Interface is the replacement for the BMW ICOM A2 interface. BMW ICOM NEXT A+B support diagnostic & programming function for vehicle brands BMW, BMW-M, MINI, Rolls-Royce & BMW Motorrad. The Next B interface is used for programming MOST fiber optic modules (Infotainment units – SatNav, DAB, CD Autochanger, Radio, etc). Also includes a 100% original BMW key reader.

Complete with Grade A, as new Panasonic CF-54 rugged laptop.


Why are original OEM Diagnostic tools required?

Multi make diagnostic tools all have their limitations, increasingly control units require reprogram/Updates/Re-Flash of ECU’s with the latest software from the vehicle manufacturers. For this operation, only an Original OEM or approved Pass-thru tool is required.

Save time and make money by investing in this level of tooling, it will Increase your workshop footfall, customer loyalty and save many man hours, by not having to move vehicles to mains dealers for repairs.



Vehicle manufacturers have all taken their diagnostic software away from standalone diagnostic tools and onto their own web portals. This enables them to have a very secure way of controlling who and how anyone has access to their data and information.

Copy or clone tools were often used, but as the manufacturers portal became more sophisticated these clones will not work, the portals will only recognise either original or an approved pass-thru tool.

Maverick Diagnostics is here to help with the often-difficult process of choosing the correct tool for your needs and helping with registration and initial loading of software. Maverick will provide ongoing support through the use of your tool when purchased through Maverick Diagnostics.


BMW ICOM NEXT A+B Diagnostic Overview

  • Functionally compatible with ICOM A2
  • Mechanical design similar ICOM A2
  • Backward compatible with motorcycle adapters (ICOM D, E)


BMW ICOM NEXT A+B Improved Functionality and Performance

  • Gbit workshop LAN, backward compatible
  • Preparation for Gbit LAN on vehicle OBD
  • ICOM Next hardware adaptation will be necessary for future Gbit car interface, will cause adaptation costs)
  • Faster start-up times and high throughput
  • Through high-performance, low-power ARM SoC
  • Improved handling: more flexible OBD cable etc.
  • The ICOM NEXT head of the works combined LAN and Wi-Fi with the original software
  • ISTA P/D OSS available Online
  • BMW ICOM NEXT A, as opposed to the older models of interfaces, has secured support to 2020, Gigabit ethernet (Gxx series), WiFi


What’s In The Box

  • Genuine ICOM NEXT A Interface Single Interface
  • Genuine ICOM NEXT B Most Connector
  • Genuine BMW Key Reader
  • Refurbished Pansonic CF-54 rugged laptop
  • Power cable

NOTE: This Key reader does not come with software to read keys, the application is run via the BMW AOS website and subscription is required directly with BMW to be able to reprogram keys

Once the vehicle key is placed into the KeyReader pad, the binary key data (from SIA 3) is interpreted in the background of the application and the corresponding vehicle is loaded into the application with the interpreted data.

Genuine series 2 BMW key reader for identifying, reading all data. Kasio subscription required.

How to use

Place the vehicle key into the KeyReader and wait for confirmation of the KeyReader in the form of a beep. Once the “Read” button has been activated, the”Service data (vehicle key data)” page is displayed. In the service consultation core process, the user can then proceed with compiling the necessary service tasks (menu items service data, technical campaigns, order base). For the user to be able to read a key in ISPA Light, you must have connected a KeyReader to the computer and the associated software must have been installed (can be seen from the green square in the bottom right beside the small icons adjacent to the time in the Windows taskbar). The user then inserts the key to be read into the KeyReader, waits for confirmation of the KeyReader in the form of a sound signal and clicks on the “Read” button.

Applet certificate

When the user is prompted about accepting the certificate of an applet, he/she clicks on “Always”. If he/she clicks “No”, the key cannot be read out (there is then no read access to the file KEYREADER.BIN). Key reading (automatic and manual) is implemented via a Java applet. The Java applet console, which is provided by the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), must be configured for logging actions – see Control panel -“”Java”” on the workshop PC running ISPA Light. In the corresponding configuration page (in the Advanced tab), ensure that the Java console has been launched. The exact descriptions of the settings depend on the Java version used; JRE 1.6.24 or higher is recommended.

Additional Information

BMW After Sales Online System (AOS) for BMW and Mini vehicles available here


Additional information

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