BMW Key Reader Plus

BMW KASio software loading is highly recommended. See below for more info.

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We’ll remotely install the required software for you, and help you with account setup.


BMW key reader saves time and provides much more information than manual input of service information into the AOS portal automatically identifies:

  • Chassis number
  • Service items required
  • Stored check control issues for example: bulb warning messages
  • Vehicle software updates needed
  • Outstanding technical services bulletins
  • Automatically inputs mileage in KM’s and converts to miles as required by BMW

BMW KASio software is required for this operation. This can be installed on any suitable PC, for example, A PC in the service reception of your workshop. To use, you need a valid BMW AOS account for this and you need to be a VAT-registered company in the EU. KASio software is free of charge once you have a valid account.


  • This tool DOES NOT update the service information in the vehicle, you will need our BMW Package to write this information back from the AOS portal into the vehicle
  • This Key reader does not come with software to read keys. The application is run via the BMW AOS website and a subscription is required directly with BMW to be able to reprogram keys
  • Once the vehicle key is placed into the KeyReader pad, the binary key data (from SIA 3) is interpreted in the background of the application and the corresponding vehicle is loaded into the application with the interpreted data


  • A computer using Windows 10 Pro
  • Access to BMW KaSIO Servicing Application using a valid AOS login.

How to use

Place the vehicle key into the KeyReader and wait for confirmation of the KeyReader in the form of a beep. Once the “Read” button has been activated, the “Service data (vehicle key data)” page is displayed. In the service consultation core process, the user can then proceed with compiling the necessary service tasks (menu items service data, technical campaigns, order base). For the user to be able to read a key in ISPA light, you must have connected a KeyReader to the computer and the associated software must have been installed (can be seen from the green square in the bottom right beside the small icons adjacent to the time in the Windows task bar). The user then inserts the key to be read into the KeyReader, waits for confirmation of the KeyReader in the form of a sound signal and clicks on the “Read” button.

Applet certificate

When the user is prompted about accepting the certificate of an applet, click on “Always”. If you click “No” the key cannot be read out (there is then no read access to the file KEYREADER.BIN). Key reading (automatic and manual) is implemented via a Java applet. The Java applet console, which is provided by the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), must be configured for logging actions – see Control panel -“Java” on the workshop PC running ISPA Light. In the corresponding configuration page (in the Advanced tab), ensure that the Java console has been launched. The exact descriptions of the settings depend on the Java version used; JRE 1.6.24 or higher is recommended.

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