Bartec TAP100 MOT Approved Tread Depth Tool

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The Bartec TAP100 (Tread and Pressure) reader functions to gather data and provide reports of this data to customers. The TAP provides quick, reliable and precise results. This makes it a good alternative to reporting using paperwork.


How does it work? The device uses a colour-coded alert system. This notifies you of when vehicle parts need changing, for instance when tyres need replacement.


This means you can inform customers of when exactly they’ll need to have their tyres replaced. The findings of the TAP test can be uploaded through Bluetooth to a PC so that the colour coded alerts can be viewed by the customer. This gives customers peace of mind of their legitimacy.


  • 15mm replaceable steel pin with profiled end High resolution
  • Sunlight readable, 1.6” colour graphics display 240 x 240 pixels
  • Simple, intuitive, menu-driven software
  • Rugged ABS/Polycarbonate enclosure resistant to automotive fluids
  • Rated IP54 for water and dust ingress
  • Quick-release lightweight pressure hose
  • Built-in electronic pressure gauge
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery – wireless charging
  • Customisable limits

Vehicle Coverage

  • All years, makes and models of car and light commercial vehicles (off-road vehicles may require the TAP200)
  • MOT Approved
  • GEA Certificate available on request

What’s In The Box

  • Kit Contents Bartec TAP100
  • Tool Pressure Hose
  • User manual
  • Wireless wall charger
  • USB cable